Every century has added a new facet to the France of today: The Romans, who first occupied Gaul in 120 BC, built beautiful arenas, villas, aqueducts, thermal-spring baths and other structures still prominent in southern France. They were soon followed by the medieval religious orders, who built the stunning St. Jean Baptistery in Poitiers, the Trinity Chapel on the Bay of Cannes and hundreds of abbeys throughout the country. Around 1125, flamboyant Gothic designs began to play a major role in the building of cathedrals, such as those in Reims, Amiens, Chartres, Vezelay and Mont-Saint-Michel. The Renaissance introduced the architecture now seen in the homes and chateaux of the Loire Valley. Today, French designs such as Le Corbusier's Chapel of Ronchamp or the Pompidou Center in Paris continue to influence architectural thought throughout the world. In art, literature and philosophy, the French accent is pervasive.



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