ABOUT Bermuda is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom in the North Atlantic Ocean. Located off the east coast of the United States, it is situated around 1,100 mi northeast of Miami, Florida and 840 mi south of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Getting to Bermuda from many locations on the U.S. east coast is quite quick. Bermuda has daily scheduled commercial flights to and from Toronto, Boston, New York, Newark, Philadelphia, Miami, Baltimore, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta. There is also daily service to and from London. Bermuda's pink sand beaches and clear, cerulean blue ocean waters are popular with tourists and many of Bermuda's hotels are located along the south shore of the island. In addition to its beaches, there are a number of sightseeing attractions. Historic St George's is a designated World Heritage Site. Scuba divers can explore numerous wrecks and coral reefs in relatively shallow water (typically 30–40 ft in depth) with virtually unlimited visibility. Many nearby reefs are readily accessible from shore by snorkellers, especially at Church Bay. Bermuda's most popular visitor attraction is the Royal Naval Dockyard, which includes the Bermuda Maritime Museum. Other attractions include the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute, the Botanical Gardens, lighthouses, and the Crystal Caves with its impressive stalactites and underground saltwater pools. The City of Hamilton attractions and nearby include Fort Hamilton; Botanical Gardens; Old Devonshire Church; Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo; Bermuda Historical Society Museum; City Hall and Arts Centre; Bermuda National Gallery and Victoria Park. Buses, ferries and taxis are safe, frequent and efficient. You cannot hire a car in Bermuda, but 50cc scooters are readily available for public hire. Bermuda drives on the left, as in the UK. Roads are narrow, winding and undulating, and traffic may be heavy. Road accidents involving scooters are relatively common, and have resulted in serious injury or even death. You should take care. The national speed limit in Bermuda is 22mph but is lower in some of the major urban areas.

CLIMATE Bermuda has a very humid climate and, as a result, the summer-time heat index can be very high, even when the actual temperature seems moderate. April through November is the high tourist season in Bermuda. Water temperature remains comfortable for enjoyable swims and snorkeling. Winter months are from December through March. Water visibility becomes high making it a great time for scuba diving.

BEWARE Bermuda has a moderate crime rate driven in part by the drugs scene. Serious incidents, including use of weapons, do occur. Take precautions to ensure your personal safety, and to safeguard your possessions. Common crimes include burglary, mugging, theft of unattended baggage and belongings, and theft of items from rental scooters. Particular caution should be exercised after dark. You are advised to stick to well-lit parts of the island and avoid the quieter, darker streets. There have been incidents of sexual offences.