In Belize has scores of reef, beach and inland activities to choose from, this is your chance for adventures of your own making. With so much of our natural environment still healthy and intact, eco-tourism adventures are offered throughout the country. When you come to Belize, you’ll see from marinas to the mainland that there are soul-stirring attractions in many forms – natural and manmade landmarks as well as historical and cultural sites. You are rewarded with an uncommon destination alive with extraordinary and intimate experiences. Your senses will be awakened by the unique charms of Belize. Sample Belize’s many indigenous tastes, specialties, styles and traditions from cultures across the world by dining in Belize. As the Caribbean gateway to Central America, Belize retains a flavor of diverse and delicious influences infused with every dish. Belize entertainment is as diverse as the country’s unique culture. From shopping, sports and nightlife to festivals, local theater and even a few casinos, a Belize vacation delivers entertainment for everyone. Whether you come for a beach vacation, family trip, rainforest excursion or adventure honeymoon, you will find authentic entertainment in Belize is a vibrant country rich with diverse history and people, with events that give travelers an even more memorable experience. Throughout multiple travel districts, you will get a taste of a diverse variety of cultures through the events planned within each community.

All visitors must travel to Belize on a valid passport (non-expired). The passport must be valid for no less than six months after the intended period of stay in Belize. Nationals of most countries do NOT require a visa to enter Belize as a tourist for a period of 30 days. For stays over 30 days visitors must apply for an extension of their initial 30 day leave to remain at any Department of Immigration and Nationality Services office in Belize.