ABOUT Oman is lined with the most amazing beaches. The beaches are some of the best in the gulf. Activity for beach visitors include sunning, swimming, Kitesurfing, diving, snorkeling, boating, surfing, beach combing and shell collecting. 'The Intercon Beach' faces Muscat Intercontinental Hotel and extends two km to Crowne Plaza hotel. This beach is ideal for family outings, morning walks or a jog in evening. The beach is lined with restaurants, snack bars and cafes. The Qurum beach allows entrance barbecuing. At Qantab beach local fishermen will offer to take you fishing or for a boat ride and at Bandar Jissah beach the view of the rocky coastline is just fabulous. The drive to Yitti beach through hilly terrain will lead to a fishing village with winding dirt track that lead to the beach through a long shallow cove. At the beach fishermen are busy at work but there is still ample room for any kind of beach activity. You can wade in the shallows or investigate the shell encrusted outcrops along the shore. The popular Al Sawadi Beach Resort is about an hour west from Muscat. The resort offers dives, snorkeling, speedboat rides, water scooters, temperature controlled swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The coast beyond Quriyat can be reached by driving southeast on a four wheel drive. There are a variety of beaches between rocky outcrop, the most prominent being Mokallah (also known as White Beach). This spot is very popular for overnight camping on the shore and it is excellent for snorkeling. Although relatively new to the Sultanate of Oman, Muscat now has three 18 hole grass golf courses within easy reach of each other, with more expected to be launch in the near future. For those wanting to learn the game, each course also has an Academy staffed by qualified golf instructors who will be happy to guide you through the early stages. The climate makes golfing most popular in Oman between the months of September and May.

CLIMATE Summer begins in mid-April and lasts until October. The highest temperatures are registered in the interior, where readings of more than 50° C in the shade are common. On the Al Batinah plain, summer temperatures seldom exceed 46° C, but, because of the low elevation, the humidity may be as high as 90 percent. The mean summer temperature in Muscat is 33° C, but the gharbi, a strong wind that blows from the Rub al Khali, can raise temperatures from the towns on the Gulf of Oman by 6° C to 10° C. Winter temperatures are mild and pleasant, ranging between 15° C and 23° C.

BEWARE There is an underlying threat from terrorism. Attacks, although unlikely, could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. There have been some reported cases of robbery and other occasional incidents of violence involving foreigners. There is a possibility of unannounced demonstrations throughout the country. You should avoid all demonstrations. Developments in the Middle East continue to have an impact on local public opinion. You should be aware of local sensitivities on these issues. Follow news reports and be alert to local and regional developments, which might trigger public disturbances.