ABOUT Kuwait has many great places to go for tourism. You can go sight-seeing all over Kuwait if you just know where to go. Whether it's shopping tours, historical tours, or just going out to see the camels in the desert, Kuwait has it. With Kuwait's lovely beaches you are sure to have a great time at the seaside as well. You can barbecue practically anywhere here, and just going out and bringing a blanket to sit on in the desert is nice too. Every season has plenty of activities just because it's 55 C outside in the middle of the summer, doesn't mean that you can't get out there and do something fun. Go to the beach or to a museum! Located on the waterfront, in a glass pyramid building in the popular Marina complex, Hard Rock Cafe Kuwait is abuzz with an enthusing rock n' roll energy. The place seats 347 guests who can feast on the finest in American cuisine while enjoying unrestricted views of the sea. JW Marriott Hotel Kuwait City houses a beautiful little restaurant called Café Royal. It's the best place to enjoy a small bite while you relaxed and spend some quality time with family and friends. Enjoy the young atmosphere with soft music and some sandwiches or salads.

CLIMATE The summer months are June, July, August and part of September. These months are mostly dry, HOT and dusty! Temperatures exceeding 48c. The humidity starts after mid August and September where it could exceed 90%. Temperatures start to decrease to an average high of 45c by the end of August, 43c for the 1st half of September and 40c/39c by the end of September. The Autumn months are October and November. Temperatures start to decrease to the lower 30s throughout October and the upper 20s to the mid 20s in November. The Winter months are December, January, February and part of March. Spring months are part of March, April and May. During the spring months in Kuwait you could get up with a beautiful sunny and peacefull day, but as the afternoon goes on clouds start to build up from nowhere bringing fierce thunderstorms by the evening.

BEWARE There is a general threat from terrorism. Attacks cannot be ruled out and could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Attacks could be directed against Western, including British, interests. Incidents of violent crime against foreigners are rare. Most visits to Kuwait are trouble-free. However, you should exercise caution if you intend to travel through or to conservative areas such as Jahra, where there have been incidents involving firearms, and Jleeb As Shuyoukh where there have been riots by migrant workers protesting about their conditions in the past.