ABOUT Country info The Republic of Slovenia lies at the heart of Europe where the Alps and the Mediterranean meet the Pannonian plains and the mysterious Karst. Slovenia has a population of 2 million, the official language is Slovene, one of the South Slavonic languages. Our capital city is Ljubljana and the current temperature here is 26°C, clear. In Slovenia, the sun shines approximately 2000 hours per year. And yes, there is plenty of snow in the winter. As a small, beautiful and picturesque country, Slovenia makes a great tourist destination. Mountains, lakes, waterfalls, forests, caves, hills, plains, rivers and the sea - you name it, you can find it all within a modest 20.273 km2 (half the size of Switzerland), as well as many natural and landscape parks. You can ski in the morning and surrender yourself to the luxury of the Adriatic Sea in the afternoon.

CLIMATE Slovenia temperatures soar into the thirties in July and August and most of the country bakes in golden splendour except for the alpine north west (Kranjska Gora, Bled) where temperatures are generally cooler by the odd 5 or 10 degrees centigrade. Autumn is also a brilliant time to visit. From September, the temperature drops down into the comfortable early to mid 20's and the waters are still warm enough for a relaxing dip. In winter the weather is bitterly cold in most of the country and only a tad warmer on the coast. The winds can be fierce and snow can fall at any time. In spring the melting snow turns rivers and waterfalls into gushing currents that wash down through the valleys coming into full bloom. The weather is unpredictable but its a great time to enjoy Slovenia.

BEWARE Foreign visitors and residents can be targeted by scam artists. Scams can cause great financial loss. Protests have taken place in cities across Slovenia since November 2012. Further protests are possible. You should monitor the local media and avoid demonstrations. Ljubljana is a small capital city and an increasingly popular destination. You should arrange accommodation before travelling.