ABOUT From the Tatras to the Danube spreads the charming country whose name is Slovakia. It was declared independent on Jan. 1, 1993. It occupies an area of only 49,030 square kilometers and its population is 5.3 million, consisting of the Slovaks (85,6%), Hungarians (10,8%), Romanies (1,5%), Ukrainians (0,3%), Ruthenians (0,3%), Germans and Poles.
In order to understand, who the real Slovak is, you have to take into consideration the prints on the history of the Slovak nation, left by Celts, Germans, Romans, Slavs, Tatars, Turks, Magyars - tribes and nations who were crossing Slovakia from East to West, from South to North during the centuries. This mixture of nations might support a saying that Slovak girls are the most beautiful ones in the world! But there are more beauties to discover in Slovakia: historical towns, churches, castles, villages and also mountains and lakes, highlands and lowlands. A lot can be seen in Slovakia. Of course, except of the sea. This is our disadvantage, but it is the only one!

CLIMATE Bratislava and Southern Slovakia is the warmest region. In summer, the temperatures may rise up to +30°C in summer, on some sunny and hot days even up to 35-37°C. There may be warm nights with temperatures above 20°C. The winter in Bratislava is mild. Between November and February it may snow, but it usually does not last for more than a few days. The daily temperatures average in the range of -5°C up to +10°C.. In the night it may be freezing, but usually not below -10°C. Summer in Northern Slovakia is usually mild with temperatures around +25°C. In mountains even less. Spring and Autumn are something in between. It may rain at any time of the year and at any place.

BEWARE There is a risk of petty crime, especially in Bratislava. Pickpockets operate around the main tourist areas, particularly the popular Christmas markets, and foreigners are easily identified and targeted. Take precautions against bag snatching and mugging. Don’t leave valuables unattended. If you put your jacket on the back of a restaurant chair, make sure your wallet is kept securely elsewhere. Some visitors to Bratislava have been given ‘spiked’ drinks and woken several hours later to find all their valuables gone. Be wary of drinks offered by strangers. Some large city centre pubs employ heavy-handed bouncers, who control boisterous behaviour very aggressively. Some carry firearms. Be careful not to offend by showing disrespect.