ABOUT Serbia and Montenegro, was formally know as the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The collapse of socialist Yugoslavia and regional war have affected the country deeply, yet Serbia and Montenegro have nonetheless retained the historical, cultural and geographical uniqueness for which the region has been known for centuries. Rugged mountains, pastoral plains, numerous lakes and a beautiful Adriatic coastline comprise the natural topography of the country. Archaeological sites dating from before the Romans and through the Byzantine Empire are interspersed with castles, churches, mosques and other buildings of more recent vintage. Cities such as Belgrade, Novi Sad, Podgorica, as well as smaller cities, towns and villages, are centers of both culture and change. And the people themselves represent a variety of ethnic, religious and linguistic backgrounds that include the majority Serb and Montenegrin populations, the Hungarian minority in Vojvodina and the Albanian minority in Kosovo and elsewhere. Serbia and Montenegro encapsulates much of the diversity of environment, language and culture that have made the Balkans a vibrant region of Europe.

CLIMATE In the north, winters are cold and summers are hot and humid. In the central region, the climate is continental and Mediterranean. The Adriatic climate along the south brings hot and dry summers and relatively cold winters with heavy snowfall inland. Podgorica, located in the southwest portion of the country, is the warmest city, with an average July temperature of 26° C (80° F ) and an average January temperature of 5° C (41° F ).

BEWARE Take sensible precautions to protect yourself from street crime, particularly in larger cities. Watch out for pick pockets particularly at airports and on public transport. As a foreigner, you may be a target for criminals who may assume you are carrying large amounts of cash. Crime levels are low, but street crime occurs, particularly in larger towns. Watch out for pick pockets in public places like airports and on public transport.