ABOUT For travellers, the best thing about Latvia is that it is so compact. Its 500 km of sandy beaches are easily reached from historical towns, where medieval hanseatic foundations support baroque and art nouveau buildings, that become venues for cultural festivals during the summer. Families of storks happily give their seal of approval to the unspoilt nature, fresh air and clean water around them. In addition to Riga, its spectacular gateway, there are 6 other UNESCO world heritage listed sites. A trading hub for over 800 years, it is well versed in welcome. With such a variety, Latvia is best enjoyed slowly. Latvia offers plenty of activities not only for grown-ups but for entire families with children as well, who are most welcome to come here for a family holiday.

CLIMATE The climate in Latvia is mild and humid, without extreme fluctuations in temperature; however, it's true that the weather conditions are unsettled and changeable. Nevertheless Latvia has four pronounced seasons – winter, spring, summer and autumn. Even though the average temperature in winter is around – 6°C, the cold can reach even – 30°C, and spring-like warm weather can set in, with temperature staying above zero. Sometimes spring comes to Latvia at the end of February, but it also happens that winter retreats only in April. Nature starts awakening in March. Summer in Latvia lasts from June till August. July is the hottest month, with the air temperature reaching even 35 degrees, but the average temperature is around 19 degrees Celsius. Summers in Latvia are sunny, but not so hot as to cause discomfort. Be prepared for extremely cold and possibly hazardous weather if you travel to Latvia in the winter (October to March). There is likely to be snow on the ground and temperatures may drop to -25 degrees Celsius or below

BEWARE There have been reports of petty theft and robbery. Beware of pickpockets, avoid unlit streets and parks at night, and be extra vigilant if walking alone. Reports of foreign tourists being charged extortionate prices for drinks or having fraudulent transactions debited against credit/debit cards have fallen considerably. You should, however, remain vigilant. Seek recommendations for bars and clubs from trustworthy sources like your hotel or other holidaymakers. When paying by credit or debit card make sure the transaction is completed in your presence and be wary of attempts to make you re-enter your pin number.