ABOUT Barbados is a very beautiful island, with lots of art, activities, night life, music, history and some of the best restaurants to be found anywhere. But what makes Barbados even more special, and the reason why so many visitors keep returning to the island year after year, is the people. Barbadians, called Bajans, are warm and friendly souls, always ready to greet you with a sincere smile. Barbadians make you feel welcome and special, in this lovely Caribbean Island. You will feel its your home and will want to come back again and again to Barbados: A unique Caribbean paradise, surprisingly sophisticated, friendly, fun and always Naturally Charming! Barbados is a relatively flat island rising west to east in a series of terraces to its highest point Mount Hillaby, which is 1100ft above sea level. On the western side of the island, the sea is relatively calm. However, on the eastern side where the waves roll in from the Atlantic the coast is much more rugged. All across Barbados you will find michevious little green monkeys including in the gullies that run across the island and even in peoples gardens! The green monkeys found in Barbados originally came from Senegal and the Gambia in West Africa approximately 350 years ago. About 75 generations have occurred since these monkeys arrived in Barbados and, as a result of environmental differences and evolution, the Barbados monkeys today have different characteristics than those in West Africa. Barbados is one of the international capitals of cricket and always contributes a large contingent to the West Indies team. Names like Sir Garfield Sobers, the three W's, Wes Hall, the late Keith Boyce, Desmond Haynes and Gordon Greenidge come to mind immediately as Barbadians who have contributed greatly to West Indies cricket.

CLIMATE Barbados offers sunshine everyday. The constant cool breezes of the Trade Winds keep average day time temperatures of 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 27 to 29 degrees Celsius. Night time temperatures average 76 degrees Fahrenheit, 23 degrees Celsius. December to May in Barbados are mainly the driest months. Afternoon rain showers fall during the months of June to November.

The Barbados climate is tropical with temperatures ranging from 21 to 31 degrees Celsius and a rainy season from June to October.

BEWARE There is a low threat from terrorism, but you should be aware of the global risk of indiscriminate terrorist attacks. Crime rates are low and the majority of visits are trouble-free although incidents of violent crime including murder do occur. There have been serious attacks on foreign visitors, including armed robbery and sexual assaults, as well as opportunist thefts of wallets, handbags and personal possessions. Victims of sexual assaults have criticised the Barbados authorities’ response, including the level of support received. There is a high incidence of road accidents, including fatalities, for the size of the island. Most roads are paved but, with the exception of the main highways, many have potholes. In rural areas they are narrow, usually unlit and often have obscured side roads and blind corners. Road surfaces lack grip and become very slippery when wet. Road signs are poor. Vehicle directional indicators are used intermittently; exercise caution, particularly on roundabouts. Pedestrians walk on the roads because of a lack of pavements. In the event of an accident, leave your vehicle where it comes to rest and call the police.