ABOUT Malaysia lies at 7° North of the Equator and consists of West and East Malaysia. West Malaysia is bordered by Thailand to the north, Singapore to the south, the South China Sea to the east, and the Straits of Malacca to the west. East Malaysia shares its southern border with Indonesia, its northern border with Brunei, and is cradled by the South China Sea to the west and north, and the Sulu Sea to the northeast. Malaysia is pampered with a warm tropical climate, with general temperatures ranging from 70° F to 90° F. The weather is strongly influenced by the Northeast and the Southwest Monsoon. The period of May to September is usually a drier period. The East Coast of West Malaysia and the states in East Malaysia normally have their rainy seasons between November and February.Malaysia is one of Southeast Asia’s top travel destinations, possessing an endless range of attractions and activities that cater for the cosmopolitan shopper, cultural enthusiast, historical buff and nature-lover. Divided into Peninsular Malaysia in the West and East Malaysia, part of the Borneo archipelago, the country will allure you with the shopping experience of its modern cities, the splendor of its cultural arts and natural heritage of rich flora and fauna. In the heart of Asia lie some of the world's most beautiful beaches, with sparkling sand and crystal waters. It would be an impossible task to describe every one of Malaysia's thousands of beautiful beaches. Ranging from the powdery stretches of sand that characterize the eastern coastline of Peninsular Malaysia to the black sand beach of Pantai Pasir Hitam and the smooth pebble beach of Pantai Batu Kerikil, Malaysia's shores offer more idyllic locales than one could explore in many lifetimes.

CLIMATE On the west coast, the wettest months are May to October, while on the east coast, the wettest months are September to December. Kuala Lumpur is wettest from March to April and September to November, while Malaysian Borneo sees its heaviest rainfall between November and February. The best time to visit for dry weather is June and July on the east coast, January and February on the west coast, April in Sabah and June to July in Sarawak.

BEWARE There is a general threat from terrorism. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. You should exercise caution and avoid demonstrations, which might place you at risk. You should also be aware of scams involving gambling or spiked drinks. Incidents of bag snatching are common. There have been many cases of bags being snatched by thieves on motorbikes. When going out, avoid carrying valuables with you. Bags with shoulder straps should either be carried with the bag towards the pavement rather than the road, or tucked under the arm. Do not wrap the strap around your arm or shoulder and do not try to hold on to your bag. People have been injured or killed by being pulled to the ground by their bag straps. There have been a number of reports of taxi drivers dropping off passengers at the airport, and then driving off with their luggage whilst the passenger is getting a trolley. Please ensure that you unload all your belongings from taxis as soon as you disembark. If your bag is snatched or stolen, make a police report as soon as possible.