ABOUT Uganda is a Basket full of numerous activities for tourists and visitors to enjoy. Apart from their pride in the climate, which can enable you experience almost all activities throughout the year, there are numerous activities and many places where you can do them. Uganda has 11 national parks and various large and small game reserves. These parks offer safe and excellent safari opportunities since all national parks and game reserves, wildlife animals, and all visits to the parks are monitored and carefully protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority with its team of rangers. The parks are open all year round. You may need to inquire on the climate seasons to visit these parks when appropriate. You can camp in some of these places or stay in a hotel, camp ground or lodges so you can head out early in the morning Seek advice from the guides about the dangerous places or wear extra garments to protect yourself from poisonous insects or Tsetse flies.The endowment of natural resources, largely covered by large vegetation and huge expanses of tropical forests that are rich in flora and fauna has made the country a home to unique physical landscapes, lakes and rivers. All these physical attributes provide a habitat for the diverse wildlife that forms a bedrock of Uganda's tourism industry. Uganda boasts of over 330 mammal species, the wealth of invertebrate life of more than 100,000 species have been identified countrywide and an astonishing 1,200 butterfly species, including almost 50 endemics, have been recorded.

CLIMATE The best time, the best months of the year would be December to late February and from June to September. This includes the best times to do gorilla tracking since there is a lot of hiking involved at times. Short Rains: April to May of the year accompanied by fantastic thunderstorms. Long Rains: September to November and once again often there is a thunderstorm with it. Usually it is during the night or early morning, by 10 am the sun is out.

BEWARE There is a general threat from terrorism in Uganda. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. Large crowds of people and public places may also be targets. The Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab, while based in Somalia, poses a threat across the East Africa region. Most major hotels and large shopping malls operate security checks. There may also be additional security checks, including baggage searches, in operation on the approach to Entebbe Airport. Kampala is a relatively safe city. But opportunistic crime such as burglaries, muggings and drive-by bag snatches do occur. The Kololo Airstrip area of Kampala has a history of thefts from vehicles and muggings, some involving violence. Take extra security precautions when going out on foot after dark. Always be conscious of the risks of making yourself a target for muggers and pickpockets; for example by carrying large sums of cash in the streets or wearing expensive looking jewellery or watches. We advise against all travel outside Uganda’s main towns after dark. Individuals have been drugged and robbed in Uganda, particularly when using public transport or in bars. Few such cases have been reported in recent years but you should be aware of this risk if you choose to travel by bus and when eating and drinking in bars and nightclubs. Credit card fraud is commonplace in Uganda. There have been reported incidents of credit card fraud, even in international hotels. Wherever possible, use cash. US Dollars, Euros and Sterling can be readily exchanged.