ABOUT From the tropical paradise of the rain forests with its breathtaking landscape, numerous waterfalls, mysterious lakes, splendid hills and mountains to the beautiful unspoilt beaches along the Atlantic Ocean; Sierra Leone also offers the discerning visitors her rich heritage, history and culture that blends with modernity where sophistication happily co-exists with nature to create a unique harmonious ambience. Sierra Leone is described by visitors, and its people as a lush tropical paradise with a unique cultural heritage, un-spoilt natural landscapes characterize by exotic flora and fauna. The Freetown peninsular where presently all Major tourism activities and facilities are based is a very beautiful 40km long coastline from Aberdeen to Kent. Lungi beaches along the bullom peninsular very close to the international airport. Sulima area between the Mao and Mano Rivers. Tuner’s peninsular, an immense beach of over 100 km. Shenge Beach, and Scarcies Estuary another 8 km long beach. Coast line of white clean sandy beaches stretches over 360 kilometers starting from the peninsular in Freetown along the Atlantic Ocean, down to the interior of the country. Sierra Leone is an emerging Tourism Market. Fine beaches and natural habitats like natural parks, games sanctuaries and reserves. Non hunting forest reserves and strict nature reserves plus our rich cultural heritage form the back bone of the countries tourism assets.

CLIMATE The average temperature in Freetown, Sierra Leone is 26 C. The range of average monthly temperatures is 3 C. The warmest average maximum high temperature is 31 C in February, March, April & May. The coolest average minium low temperature is 22 C in October. The month with the driest weather is February when on balance 0.2 inches of rain. The month with the wettest weather is July when on balance 47 inches of rain.

BEWARE Violent incidents have taken place around nightclubs and bars in the Lumley Beach and Aberdeen areas of Freetown. The local police presence and response is limited. The greatest risk to short-stay travellers is that of pick pocketing and mugging in Freetown. The majority of crimes in Sierra Leone are committed unarmed, but the number of incidents in which weapons are used is increasing. Avoid the groups of youths that congregate in the town centre and at roundabouts. Avoid walking alone on beaches, especially Lumley beach. Lumley beach has seen a number of crimes against particularly unaccompanied pedestrians and small groups. Do not use the beaches after dark. Beware of walking barefoot on beaches, where there can be hospital waste, including needles. You should check the quality of any gems and or minerals that you purchase before legally removing them from the country.