ABOUT Lesotho is a country in Southern Africa. Known as the Kingdom in the Sky because of its lofty altitude — it has the highest lowest point of any country in the world (1400m) and is the only country to be entirely above 1000m! Lesotho is totally surrounded by South Africa and is a fantastic adventure holiday destination. Accommodation can be found in all the regions of Lesotho, some calmly situated on river banks, some on mountain sides, and some at the highest altitude in Southern Africa. A visitor to Lesotho can choose to stay in a bed and breakfast or hotel in a town or the capital, Maseru, or choose to be spoiled by nature and find chalet or self-catering accommodation deep in the highlands of Lesotho, totally surrounded by beautiful mountains and a peaceful environment. With all its land lying at altitudes in excess of 1500m above sea-level; Lesotho is a land of heights and extremes. Lesotho offers breathtaking mountain vistas and adventure activities such as skiing, pony trekking, hiking and abseiling for the intrepid traveller. More leisurely pursuits for those seeking a relaxing and revitalising break include birdwatching, boating and fishing.

CLIMATE Because of its altitude, the country remains cooler throughout the year than most other regions at the same latitude. Lesotho has a continental climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Winters are generally dry and cold and Summers are hot and humid. The seven-month wet summer season is from October to April. The peak rainfall period is from December to February when most parts of the country record over 100mm per month and an average of 6 days. The lowest rainfall occurs in June when the monthly totals of less than 15mm

BEWARE Muggers in central Maseru frequently target foreign nationals. You are advised not to walk alone in isolated areas or after dark and avoid driving in rural areas at night. Only carry essentials with you and keep valuables out of sight. When driving in urban centres, especially Maseru, keep doors locked, windows shut and valuables out of sight. Park in well-lit areas and do not pick up strangers. Take care at the approaches to main border crossings, particularly at night. There have been regular cases of armed car-jacking. There has been increasing incidents of armed robberies in Maseru. If you are involved in such an incident, offer no resistance. Take precautions to safeguard valuables and cash. Deposit them in hotel safes, where practicable. Keep separate copies of important documents, including passports.