ABOUT The Gambia has unique qualities over many other destinations. It is only six hours away from major European destinations, there is no jet lag, and it is a popular and affordable winter destination attracting Tourists in search of sun, sand, and cultural experience of which this unique country has plenty. There are many astonishing species of exotic birds and wild life in The Gambia and Gambia is often referred to as a bird watchers paradise. Unique Varieties of tropical plants, wildlife like monkeys, crocodiles and dolphins are often seen swimming in the river Gambia around Banjul (Capital City of The Republic of The Gambia). The Gambia also has excellent combination of features, which together provide an excellent setting for an affordable, memorable and worthwhile holidays under the sun. Most of the main holiday resorts of The Gambia are situated along the beautiful sandy beaches of The Gambia or further inland and commonly known as the Tourism Development Area, the palm fringed coastline overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with most modern hotels of all classes with smaller comfortable motels and guesthouses available for hire. On the outside, there are exotic camps inland mainly situated on the banks of the beautiful River Gambia. A compulsory Airport Development Fee must be paid by all passengers on exiting the country. The fee is 20 Euros, or equivalent in local currency. Visa credit card is accepted, but no others. The only exceptions are passengers in transit and infants under two years old. Caution should be exercised when using the ferry between Banjul and Barra. The ferry is not always reliable and has a poor safety record. The ferry is often delayed and severely over-crowded. Care should also be paid to the tight loading of vehicles on ship. Once on the ferry, passengers should exit their vehicles quickly to avoid becoming trapped inside. We advise against using the ferry outside daylight hours. Particular caution should be exercised if considering the use of pirogues (wooden dug-outs) to cross the River Gambia. Local boatmen operate pirogues as an alternative to the ferry and to attract tourist traffic. They are often overloaded and occasionally sink during the crossing. It is unlikely they will have life jackets.

CLIMATE Located midway between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, The Gambia enjoys virtually uninterrupted sunshine and high daytime temperatures with almost no rainfall from November to June. From July to October the humidity level is high as the tropical sun will be punctuated by short but spectacular rain storms.

BEWARE Attacks on tourists are increasing. You should not take valuables or large sums of money to the beach or display them in public. You should take particular care when visiting isolated beaches. Visitors, both male and female, should be particularly cautious of young men locally known as “bumsters” who approach tourists, particularly on beaches, offering unsolicited help. We advise you be polite but firm. You should not travel by road from the Gambia to the Casamance in southern Senegal.