ABOUT The Democratic Republic of the Congo is often shortened to DRC or D.R. Congo) is the largest and most populous country in Central Africa. It straddles the Equator and is surrounded by Angola to the southwest; Angola's Cabinda exclave and the Republic of the Congo to the northwest; the Central African Republic to the north; South Sudan to the northeast; Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania in the east from north to south; and Zambia to the southeast. Although the Democratic Republic of the Congo is no longer considered as risky as it used to be, it remains a destination for only the most seasoned, hardcore African traveler. It is not a country for the casual "tourist": the average backpacker, holidaymaker, and especially those seeking luxury safaris or organized cultural experiences. The main gateway to the DRC is Kinshasa-N'djili airport. Due to the immense size of the country, the terrible state of the roads and the poor security situation, the only way to get around the country quickly is by plane. This is not to say that it's safe. Congolese planes crash with depressing regularity, but it's still a better alternative to traveling overland or by boat. There is one line entering the DRC from Zambia. However, trains are very infrequent and unless you absolutely have to take the train for some reason, you should enter by road/air. The line reaches Lubumbashi and continuing to Kananga. The trains in the DRC are very old and the tracks are in various states of disrepair, with derailments frequent. Even when the trains do run, which may be weeks apart, they are overcrowded and lack just about every convenience you could imagine. The roads as a whole are too rocky or muddy for cars without 4 wheel drive. The "Academie des Beaux-Arts" is often considered a touristic site and is in itself and with its gallery a good place to meet the famous artists of this country. Mount Nyiragongo in Goma, which is located in the extreme eastern part of Congo. The Nyiragongo volcano with a red lava lake is another popular place for excursion.
Congo River. The river being the largest one in the Western Central Africa, is a popular attraction. The river and its surroundings largely attract the people coming to this exotic country.

CLIMATE The Democratic Republic of the Congo climate is tropical, hot and humid in equatorial river basin; cooler and drier in southern highlands; cooler-cold and wetter in eastern highlands and the Ruwenzori Range; north of Equator - wet season April to October, dry season December to February; south of Equator wet season November to March, dry season April to October

BEWARE The global economic downturn has resulted in an increase in crime in DRC. Be alert to the risk of street crime and armed robbery at all times, including being targeted by armed gangs when driving. Foreigners are at particular risk of street robbery in Kinshasa, often in the vicinity of hotels and supermarkets, particularly in the centre of town. Robberies by gangs of street children are increasingly common and becoming more aggressive. There have been increased reports of violent and well-planned attacks on foreign nationals.