ABOUT The Central African Republic is at the geographic center of Africa, bordered by Cameroon to the west, Chad to the north, Sudan and South Sudan to the east, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo to the south. The Central African Republic is a landlocked and remote country, and a lack of air access makes it an expensive destination. The only international airport is Bangui M'poko International Airport. Locations in the country attractive to travellers include the Chutes De Boali, waterfalls of a height of 164 ft. Dzanga-Sangha National Park in the south west of the country has gorillas and elephants. The Baka people live in this area. Bayanga beside the Sangha River is the main village near to the national park. The village has some small guesthouses and a lodge. The best time to visit most of the country is from November to April.

CLIMATE The climate is tropical, with abundant rainfall of about 178 cm annually in the south, decreasing to about 86 cm in the extreme northeast. There is one rainy season December– March and one long, hot, dry season April–November. Floods are common. Temperatures at Bangui have an average minimum and maximum range from 21° C to 34° C.

BEWARE Incidents of theft and robbery occur regularly and armed gangs are known to operate in the outlying areas of Bangui. Take personal security precautions and maintain a high level of vigilance in public places. You should avoid carrying valuables or wearing jewellery in public. You should avoid isolated or poorer areas and walking alone at night. There are no restrictions in this travel advice to the capital Bangui. If you must travel outside Bangui, you should first check on the current situation in the areas through which you plan to travel.