ABOUT Burundi is a small country in Central Africa. It is surrounded by Rwanda, Tanzania tour and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Burundi tourist attractions are plenty and the country has lots to offer to the visitors. Burundi is one of the significant African countries that provide exquisite holiday opportunities for all kinds of travelers. British nationals should follow the advice of local authorities and exercise caution while travelling around the country. Burundi offers to the traveler who’s eager for curiosities a succession of infinite adventures. From the Source of the Nile, you will discover its everlasting green landscape, the beauty of its hills and the kindness of its people. One of the smallest countries in Africa, Burundi is landlocked and has an equatorial climate. Burundi is a part of the Albertine Rift, the western extension of the Great Rift Valley. The country lies on a rolling plateau in the center of Africa. The average elevation of the central plateau is 5,600 feet, with lower elevations at the borders. The highest peak, Mount Heha at 8,810 feet, lies to the southeast of the capital, Bujumbura. The Nile is a major river in Burundi. Lake Victoria is also an important water source, which serves as a fork to the Kagera River.Another major lake is Lake Tanganyika, located in much of Burundi’s southwestern corner.. The breathtaking landscapes, Savannah forests and the various tourist attractions make Burundi a hot favorite destination of the travelers. Every year thousands of visitors visit this exotic African country. Accommodations as well as eating options are pretty good and well-scattered in Burundi hence staying in Burundi is not much of a problem. The places of interest are various and one can catch the various moods of Burundi while touring this awesome African destination. Waterfall, natural reserve, hot spring, museums and zoos are the popular tourist attractions of Burundi. Burundi’s culture is based on local tradition and the influence of neighboring countries, though cultural prominence has been hindered by civil unrest. Since farming is the main industry in Burundi, a typical Burundian meal consists of sweet potatoes, corn, and peas. Cultural safaris Africa, Due to the expense, meat is only eaten few times per month. When several Burundians of close acquaintance meet for a gathering they drink impeke, a beer, from a large container. Each person receives a straw to symbolize unity.

CLIMATE Burundi climate has two distinct seasons a dry season and a wet season. The dry season in Burundi is from June to August and again from December to January. The wet season in Burundi is also divided in two parts, one starting from February and ending in May and the other extending from September to November.

BEWARE There is an underlying threat from terrorism. Attacks could be indiscriminate, including in places frequented by expatriates and foreign travellers. You should avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings of people. There is a high risk of street crime and burglary, sometimes violent in homes. Muggings at gun and knife point, bag snatching, pick-pocketing, burglary, car break-ins, and armed car hijackings have all been reported. Take precautions such as not walking in the streets after dark, even in Bujumbura city centre and do not carry large amounts of money. Arrange guards for homes and stay at hotels that have good security.