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The island with magical colours, flaming sunsets, romantic moonlight, luxurious vegetation, (lush green even in the height of summer) a riot of radiant flowers and colourful blooms. Centuries old silver olive groves, glowing oranges, scented lemons, rich pergolas, sleepy lagoons, forgotten coves, bubbling springs, exciting caves, virgin beaches, golden sands, and pellucid turquoise emerald seas.

The prefecture of Corfu (Kerkyra) is located in the Ionian Sea, including the island of Corfu, the islands of Paxos, Antipaxos and the smaller islets Discalia, Panayia and Exolithro. All of them are found on the south of Corfu whilst the outlying islands, Othoni, Ericousa and Mathraki are situated to the northwest. The west coast of Othoni is also the westernmost point in the State of Greece. The prefecture covers an area of 634 sq. km. and has a population of 107592 (1981). Corfu is the seventh largest Greek Island and the second largest after Cephallonia of the Ionian islands. Located in the north of the Ionian Sea, opposite the coastline of both Greece and Albania and separated by the Corfu Channel. Corfu itself has an area of 592 and a coastline of 217 sq. km. The terrain varies. In the north Mount Pantocrator rises to 906 m in the centre smaller hills rise to 576 m while the south a series of hills, not rising to more than 250 m stretch down the island ending at the headland of Asprokavos (south) and Lefkimis (southeast).In no particular arrangement, large valleys dot the landscape, characteristically like the one around lake Korission situated close to the southwest coast.

The island enjoys a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and refreshing summers. However humidity is high owing to warm southwesterly winds (especially in the winter when winds can reach 8 Beaufort) and northwesterly winds (like the "maistro" of summer reaching force 4 Beaufort) causing heavy rainfall from time to time apart from mid-summer months. The relaxing but rich countryside, the glorious beaches and many other wonderful sights have made Corfu one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean and one of the most often visited places in Greece. Olive cultivation stems from the time of the Venetian occupation and olive groves cover one third of the area of the island. The rich flora of the island combined with the cultivation of trees have helped develop the bee keeping industry, producing top quality honey thereby improving the position of the farmer.

Tradition identifies Corfu as the Homeric Island of Scheria or the island where the Phaeacians hospitably received Odysseus on his return from Troy. It is also reputed to be the island where the Argonauts found refuge from the avenging Cholchic fleet after they had acquired the Golden Fleece. Both myths seem to stress the hospitality of the Phaeacians as well as the capability of their skills. The "rudderless boat", which was established as the characteristic symbol of the island, is still used today.